The “Dojo Kun” was developed by senior JKA instructors. It is a set of five guiding ethical principles which students recite out loud at the end of every training class. This aims to remind students of the right attitude, frame of mind and virtues to strive for both, within the dojo and outside.

The Dojo Kun is usually recited in Japanese. However, they may be recited in English at some branches.

Below are the 5 guiding principles from the Dojo Kun.

Listen to Dojo Kun

Practise Individual Dojo Kun


(Hitotsu) Jinkaku kansei ni tsutomuru koto

Seek Perfection of Character


(Hitotsu) Makoto no michi o mamoru koto

Be Sincere


(Hitotsu) Doryoku no seishin o yashinau koto

Put maximum effort into everything you do


(Hitotsu) Reigi o omonzuru koto

Respect Others


(Hitotsu) Kekki no yuu o imashimuru koto

Develop Self Control